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Tablet Controllers

The Pegasus Tablet Controller is our latest controller development. We have turbo charged the CTL-500 by introducing a Windows 10 powered tablet to run a version of our Pegasus Mas Mill software allowing more connectivity at an entry level controller price.

The software allows connectivity to factory networks for downloading job files and uploading production data, closing the loop between factory floor and office. Tablet controllers are capable of connection to multiple field devices such as ink jet printers and label printers. 

Intergrated Powered Decoiler control



  • Windows 10 based Tablet controller

  • Easy Calibration and Diagnostics

  • Online connectivity for remote support

  • Easy Windows Networking for uploading and downloading production data

  • Housed in a rugged steel case

  • 11'' touch screen

  • Proven Stop-To-Cut and Flying Sheer Control Algorithms over 20 years of development

  • Automatic learning and tuning of Control Algorithm

  • Easy configuration to  almost any machine type

  • 30 individual punches

  • 10 individual encoder inputs

  • 10 roller positioning systems

  • Multi loop machines

  • Twenty five years' Research, Development and Industrial Application

  • Extras, Label printers, ink jet printers and barcode scanners 

  • Production logging and coil logging software to analyzise machine and operator performance and manage coil usage.

  • Designed, Manufactured and serviced in Australia


320mm wide

380mm high

180mm deep

Inbuilt machine statistics page, with preventative maintenance warning system

Expandable IO allowing almost any machine configuration

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