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Custom Machine Gallery

Vertical Curver

  • Vertical curving machine produced for tank manufacturing

  • Fast reliable alignment system

  • Anti-collision at end of stroke

  • Low maintenance design

Steel Frame Automatic turn-over System

Heavy duty steel frame turn over system for large panel         *                      Safe                            *                                                 Low staff requirement

Roll-former Automatic Stacker Solution - Cartons

 Automatic Carton feeder for the out-feed of roll-forming machines                          Usages in time-lean manufacturing

Vertical Axis Uncoiler and Accumulator

  • 10T high speed vertical axis decoiler and accumulator system

  • Faster coil change-overs

  • Less requirement for heavy lifting machinery

  • Safer coil management

Vertical Axis Coil Lifter

Vertical Axis hands free coil lifter

Roll-forming Tooling Block

Vertical Curver

Slitting Line Automatic Remnant Storage System

  • Remnant storage for slitters and folders

  • Backed up by full computerized data base logging system

  • Automatic retrieval of parts

  • Barcode inputs

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