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Est. 1987

Pegasus Designs is a proud Australian manufacturer of Roll Former control systems. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are specialists in the industrial automation of sheet metal. The power, programmability and economy of the integrated system have given us the platform for a product that has developed, grown, and remained current for over 3 decades with over 3,000 systems installed around the world. 

Our product range includes PC controllers, tablet controllers, powered decoilers, along with 3D detailing and management software. The combination of hardware with the customisable software gives you complete control of the design, office and factory floor. The single point of entry eliminates errors and streamlines production.

Pegasus Designs also offers a wide range of services including machine retrofits, custom machinery, automation, on-site training and more. These products and services allow us to ensure each customer’s specific requirements are met entirely.

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