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Roll Forming Control Systems

We are industry leaders in Roll Form Control Systems with products that specialise in the attention to detail required in the modern factory. Our MasMill software is an industry leader and is popular among operators and management alike. All our controllers now come standard with uploading and downloading capability closing the loop between the factory and the office.  Seamless integration with your existing value adding devices like inkjet printers, barcode scanners and label printers.

The Pegasus Designs Tablet Controller is our latest controller development.  We have turbo charged the CTL-500 by introducing a Windows 10 powered tablet to run a lite version of the Pegasus Mas Mill software, allowing more connectivity at the entry level controller price.

A significant part of our business is upgrading old machinery with new Control Systems and Electrics. 

Electrical overhauls and controller upgrades are a cost effective solution compared with buying new machinery. Down time is minimal and the improvements will be significant. 

Office based software that integrates  with roll forming factory machines.

Plan your production schedule and send jobs to specific machines. Check in real time how each machine is performing.

Get reports on stock usage, wastage, production time, plan preventative maintenance and create machine efficiency reports.

The Pegasus Designs PC Control System is the most adaptable controller on the market.  It can handle almost any machine design with no custom software to be written.

Our custom built remote I/O technology, field wiring on large machines, large screen and Windows 10 PC allows easy networking and auxiliary accounting programs to run simultaneously. 

The system can be connected to the internet and accessed remotely by our technical staff.  This is a great bonus for trouble-shooting machines located in remote areas.


Powered Decoilers controlled by the Pegasus Designs Loop Height Card specifically interfaces with traditional loop arms and potentiometers or ultrasonic measurement sensors.

Easy integration to the control circuit and inverter. This allows smooth operation of acceleration and deceleration of the coil, enabling the Roll Former to perform at its maximum speed with safety and a minimum of stress on the mechanical drive system.

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