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Pegasus 3D Detailer

Steel Frame Detailing Software

The most powerful yet flexible 3D Detailer on the market.

Seamless integration with Pegasus Hub in the office and MasMill on your machines.

30 day free trial available!

Follow the instructions below to start now

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Number Two.PNG
Number Three.PNG
Number Four.PNG


Download the latest version here


Download the Remote Update Service (RUS) Utility: here


Generate C2V file and email us.

  1. Open the RUS_AYQZB.exe program

  2. Make sure ‘Collect Status Information’  tab is selected

  3. Select the ‘Installation of new protection key’ option

  4. Select the ‘Collect Information’ button
    Save the .C2V file to your local computer
    Email this file to
    Include your name, business name and location.

We will process your .C2V file and activate your license.

We will then send you back a .V2C file for the next step of the license setup.

.C2V = Client to Vendor
.V2C = Vendor to Client


Our business hours are 8am to 4.30pm AEST. Monday to Friday.

_Screen 2 Annotated.png
Number Five.PNG

When you receive our email with a .V2C file attached:


Activate the License:

  1. Select the ‘Apply License File’ tab

  2. Select the ‘...’ button and find .V2C file

  3. Select ‘Apply Update’ button

  4. Result displayed

Open the Pegasus Detailer program and follow our Detailer Software User Guide below.

_Screen 4 Annotated.png
User Guide logo.PNG

Detailer Software User Guide

Slicker Pegasus Designs.PNG
Number One.PNG
Number Two.PNG
Number Three.PNG
Number Four.PNG
Number Five.PNG
Number Six.PNG

Reach our technical support team:

Download and read the Quick Start Guide here

View a simple walk through of the program and a basic project here

Open the program and experiment with the basic features of placing walls, windows and generating a frame.

Repeat this step to become familiar with the program.

Another program training video here

Download and read the full How to Guide here

Go through each page to be aware of the detailed topics and help available. Save it to your computer to reference back as required.

View the Pegasus Designs Detailer Vimeo Page to see the range of Video Tutorials available here

Once you are comfortable with the basic functions do the Single Story Walk Through video here

Download the required DXF floor plan in the comments of the video.

Next step is to complete the Double Story Walk Through video. This is a more advanced model with different techniques here.

Download the required DXF floor plan in the comments of the video.

3D Detailer Quick Tour:

Home  Settings  Display  Toolbox  Output Files









Quick Start Video:

You can submit requests for support by emailing

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