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Machine Retrofit

A large part of our business is retrofitting new Control Systems onto old or imported machinery that doesn't function correctly or does not meet Electrical Standards.


There are numerous other reasons to upgrade:


  • Improve throughput

  • Downloading

  • Printers

  • Coil logging and Production logging

  • Upgrade Electrical guarding and Emergency stop systems


We can upgrade the most basic flag stop machine to be a full custom Cut-To-Length machine by installing a suitable controller and Encoder.

Steel Framing Machine Retrofits

Pegasus PC Control system is perfectly suited to Steel Frame Retrofits.  The main drivers for customers to upgrade.


  • Change of Detailing program Pegasus PC controller can load any non encrypted data file
    (CSV, NC, .MAS, Parts list, XML)

  • To avoid royalty or toll payments

  • Improved functionality

  • Remote access for troubleshooting


Channel Machine Upgrade

Upgraded features:

  • Category 3 safety system

  • Inkjet printing

  • Downloading

  • Upgraded machine during production

  • Finished product. 30+ year old machine full electrical controller overhaul

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