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General Automation

Pegasus Designs has the team and skills to take on any industrial automation challenge.  From cranes, dynamic movie sets, mining projects to custom PLC we have the team and the experience to ensure the job is done right.

Turret Punch Control System Upgrade

Pegasus Designs NC Control System is perfect for a cost effective upgrade on old Turret Punch Machines.  As part of a machine overhaul we offer complete electrical overhaul including new electrical cabinets and new servo drives.

Encoder, Bracket and
Wheel Assembly

Pegasus Designs Encoder, Bracket and Wheel assembly is a simple aluminium construction that has an adaptable mounting system which allows for simple retrofit options for machines, specifically during machine upgrades.

Slitter Folder Control System Upgrade

Pegasus Designs PC Control System is perfect for a cost effective upgrade on old Slitter Folder Machines.  The Controller has full control of the back gauge, apron angle and clamp pressure/depth.

Crane Overhaul

Our experience with inverters and motor control made it a natural fit for Pegasus Designs to take on electrical crane overhauls.

PLC Custom Control Systems

We offer custom PLC Control Systems to any customer in any brand of PLC. We work with the customer to deliver the solution they require.

Custom Piece Printing

Pegasus Designs offers a wide range of printing options, from Ink Jet Printers, Label Printers to Cartridge Printers. We work with any manufacturer from Matthews, Hewlett Packard, Dy'Mark and Zebra to name a few.

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