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MasMill Controller Software

MasMill is our Controller Software solution which has been developed over 30 years and can be custom configured to hundreds of different machine types.

Improve your production rate on the factory floor. Instantly tackle issues like accuracy, efficiency and the speed of diagnostics when something goes wrong.Our priority is to keep your machines running.


The system is capable of running manually entered pieces, Library components or Custom data files. For a Steel Framing System, a library is used to import .CSV files, .CNC files or .Partslist files.


Connected via USB or Parallel port to our Custom Built Interface System installed in the electrical cabinets, our systems are at the forefront of constant innovation.


MasMill is used by thousands of happy operators around the world.

With features like pack tree view and real-time feedback to the office, diagnostics and our remote support service, our controllers are the world leader in efficiency management.

Via Ethernet, Wireless or USB the jobs are sent to the Pegasus Designs Rollforming Controller.  Our software sorts and filters through all the Manufacturing jobs based on current machine raft set-up.  This allows for an optimized work flow at the factory level.


As the job is being produced the Roll Forming Software creates accurate CSV files that log each cut and operation of the machine. 

Operator Manual


Load a job
Add pieces to the cut list
Cut list

Statistics tab you are able to see how many hours and metres the Rollformer has rolled and view how many cycles the Shear and Punches have performed. Toggle the alarm ON or OFF as required.

The Alarms and Statistics are designed to assist with preventative maintenance or as a tool to monitor tool quality or sharpness. Maintenance managers are able to log failures of components VS number of cycles, Meters or Hours to improve maintenance procedures.

MasMill will only let you tick and display the files that match the machine Profile and Gauge selected.

Functions and Diagnostics
Status Bar

There are many diagnostic features included in the Pegasus Mas Mill software to assist in fault finding, setting up, optimising the machine and for other general information on the status of the machine. Some of the more important statistical functions can be seen on the status bar of the program, located across the bottom of the screen.

The status of interlocks and the current position of the current piece as well as the printer status and type and position of the last operation are always visible on the Pegasus Mas Mill software on the status bar.

Other information and diagnostic tests are available on the Diagnostics screen.

Efficiency Tracking

MasMill has an operator efficiency tracking module which works on production site specific data for how many meters/min are expected, how long a machine change over takes. If or when the machine has been stopped for any longer length of time a reason is required to be entered which can be analysed by a production manager later.

Rollformer Control System software
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