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Pegasus 3D Detailer

Steel Frame Detailing Software

Detailing software for Light Gauge Steel buildings and structures

Our self-paced tutorials are here.

Easy 2D DXF import to create a 3D LGS model 

3D Detailing - partial.png

Easy layer control over Model

Ascot 4.jpg
Ascot 1.jpg

LGS flooring system       Web Truss       Warren Truss       Floor panels


Roof Trusses   Full Truss     Gable Truss   Truncated Truss   Saddle Truss   Jack Rafter   Panel Roof

Light Gauge Steel
Light Gauge Steel

Outputs: NC or CSV for rollformers.

Full shop drawings, Marking Plan, DXF, PDF, PNG, JPEG

Light Gauge Steel
Light Gauge Steel
Technical and self-help information on Pegasus 3D Detailer can be found here.
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