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Eyeball Configuration Bearings

The PSB-Eyeball design is attached to a given clamping surface using four socket head cap screws. Four M6x15 are supplied with each assembly to attach the cap to the base. The PSB Eyeball design is a housing which mounts two modified thrust bearings and a radial bearing, allowing multi- directional loading in both axial and radial directions, while offering angular slew of up to 5° 

PSB – Eyeball Capacity Table

  • Attachment Bolts

Breaking loads shown above can be approached by using UNBRAKO High Tensile Cap Screws. Attachment bolt and cap bolt loadings and capacity should be determined independently. This is to account for different bolt types and different surface conditions with regard to the clamping surface.

  • Special Purpose Housings on Request


Special purpose housings can be supplied on request. We can accommodate bearings of different size, load rating, and angle of slew. Please use the enquiry form on the website or send a request to with the specifications of the desired bearing, as well as any special purpose requirements, such as a preferred housing material, environmental conditions, or required heavy load capacity. 

  • Housing Materials


The values in the Static Breaking Load Capacity for PSB Eyeball Housings (kN) Table are for a PSB Eyeball Housing made from zinc plated bright mild steel. Housings can be made from aluminium, bronze, stainless steel, zinc plated bright mild steel and a variety of plastics such as UHMWPU to suit a range of environmental conditions. Note that by selecting a material which is not zinc plated bright mild steel, the static load capacities in the table above do not apply.

  • Suitable Bearings for PSB- Eyeball Housings


For the plain spherical radial bearing which sits in the centre of the housing, customers can choose from three types. These types include the GE C series (steel sinter/bronze composite), the GE TXE- 2LS series (steel/PTFE fabric, sealed on both sides) and the GE TXG3E-2LS series (steel/PTFE fabric, sealed on both sides, stainless steel). The thrust bearings which sit on either side of the plain spherical radial bearing will be modified GX 20 F bearings. 

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