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Leaders in the supply of Rollforming Control Systems from brand new machinery to retrofits and upgrading of old plant, we offer the best control systems to improve the machines accuracy, output production, efficiency and usability.

Easy to use networking capability for downloading jobs directly from the office to uploading production data.

The Pegasus 3D Detailer is a state of the art Light Gauge Steel detailing system. Easily adaptable to multiple profile and tooling designs.

The software is easy to use and easy to learn.

We have the ability in house to solve a range of unique industrial automation problems. 


From Custom PLC systems, to large Crane electrical overhauls through to high speed fruit sorting systems. 

Pegasus Designs are specialists in custom designed machines for any applications.

Roll-formers, stackers, uncoilers, vertical curvers and anything in between. 

These custom applications are perfect for lean manufacturing principals.

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